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We provide VOIP Services as in both Wholesale and Retail that suit your needs and requirements


Whether you are interested in A-Z termination, Least Cost Routing (LCR) or simply looking to provide your own VoIP wholesale services – you are exactly where you should be. We provide security, stability and worldwide telephony connection. Just share with us your business goals and we will help you accomplish them. Wholesale VoIP Services are designed in a flexible manner, fully compliant with the everyday telecom business dynamics. Trading with routes in the industry is both demanding and challenging


We offer high quality Retail services to our B2B clients via Direct Routes and a carefully selected supplier base. A wide-ranging product portfolio is available for our Fixed Carriers, Wholesale carriers and Prepaid operators providing exceptional and un-compromising quality at the most affordable prices and flexible payment terms. Since our services are only for those who are either an incumbent carrier or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier, thus high quality retail termination is guaranteed

About Us

Amigostel Telecommunications enables seamless delivery of carrier-grade VoIP solutions. We have been driven by our desire to deliver world-class wholesale VoIP services to businesses and VoIP carriers at the lowest possible price. Businesses dependent on making large volumes of long distance calls benefit from our affordable overseas call rates, reducing their overall telephone bills. Wholesale and retail VoIP companies also use our reliable routes based on competitive pricing.

So whether you’re after our VoIPRoutes retail VoIP termination, or simply want to reach your business goals by saving on long distance calls costs, our services will ensure reliable terminations at affordable prices. Furthermore, VoIP call quality matches that of traditional phone lines and delivers reliable calling

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